Agency Power Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Porsche 997.2 Turbo 10



Continuing on our modification path for the Porsche 997.2 Turbo, Agency Power has just finished and released their new carbon fiber cold air intake kit.  The carbon fiber airbox is a direct replacement for the OEM intake box.  The airbox is made using a prepreg process which allows the entire airbox to be flawless from pulls.  Similar in shape to the OEM box for fitment, this carbon fiber unit features enlarged holes to fit dual K&N cone air filters.  The 2x2 weave is finished in a gloss clear coat and sits nicely where the standard plastic box once was. These filters are pressed in through the rear of the intake box utilizing the rubber seal on the filter as a secure fit.  Each filter mates up to the factory intake piping that has been disconnected from the stock airbox by the provided aluminum tubes.  This gives the air flow a straight shot with no bends or curves.  The 5 inch cone K&N filters are reusable filters that do not need to be replaced, just cleaned every 5000 - 10000 miles or if dirty.  These filters are the key to what makes this intake provide an enhanced vehicle over stock.  The carbon box allows for direct airflow from the factory air snorkels to the air filters.  Each snorkel sits inside the carbon air box top openings.

As tested on our Mustang AWD Dyno, the 2010 PDK 997.2 Turbo made a huge leap of around 30ft/lbs of torque while horsepower started to build immediately and then taper off towards the top end RPM range.  Horsepower gain was an average of 15 to the wheels.  The increase in airflow provides much quicker turbo spool and throttle response compared to stock.  Mid to top end horsepower will only increase with the addition of a performance exhaust system and ECU Flash.

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