Forced Performance T4Z 88HTA Ball Bearing Turbocharger


Forced Performance T4Z 88HTA Ball Bearing Turbocharger

This turbo is built on the well respected T4Z frame turbo. Most people are familiar with this configuration as a "T67" or a "GT37R", both poor names that didn't really describe this turbo well at all. After all a T4Z is not a GT37, and calling out inducer diameter is sooo " 80's turbonetics" that I have to get my rubics cube out whenever I say it.

So now that you know that GT37R were really T4Z turbos, you likely have a better idea what this turbo is about. The FP version ditches the "t67" compressor wheel. That wheel was a 63 trim wheel that really left LOTS on the table when it came to high boost performance, giving only a max PR of 3.4:1 even at it's highest speed line of 120krpm. The HTA easily sustains PR in excess of 4.5:1 making 45psi or more boost pressures possible, consistent and dependable.

The compressor housing is the familiar T4S cover with 4" Anti-Surge ported inlet and 2.5" outlet. The default recommended turbine housing is the .82 AR T31 style with it's compact 2.5" 4 bolt outlet, we stock the gaskets and flanges to fit this flange. Optional housings are the GT35 style with its 3" 4-bolt outlet, or the T4 flanged housing in open and divided in all standard A/R sizes, just ask!

Options include:
Turbine Housing: 0.82 A/R 2.5" Outlet, 0.82 A/R 3" Outlet, 0.84 A/R T4 Divided, 1.00 A/R T4 Divided, and 1.15 A/R T4 Divided.
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  • Model: vrNTGT4ZHTA
  • Shipping Weight: 25lbs
  • Manufactured by: Forced Performance

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