Forced Performance GT3582HTA Ball Bearing Turbocharger


Forced Performance GT3582HTA Ball Bearing Turbocharger

The FP GT3582HTA turbocharger is very similar the to the standard GT3582R Garrett turbocharger in overall size and footprint, but that is where the similarities end and your new found power begins. It comes with a 4" inlet and 2.5" outlet anti-surge ported compressor housing. This new and improved style of anti-surge port provides a longer and more gentle bell mouth guide for the air all the way down to the inducer tips. The standard turbine housing is the T31 housing in 2.5" outlet for compact installation applications such as 4G63. Other turbine housings styles are available.

Repeated dyno testing and thousands of miles of street punishment have shown how much faster spooling the HTA is compared to the normal 35R. Midrange and bottom end torque which are usually dismal in regular .82 A/R GT35r kit cars are DRAMATICALLY improved with HTA compressor technology!

The dyno graph of David Buschurs 2.0l 4G63 EVO8 shows a test performed on the same car with ZERO changes other than the turbocharger swap. Both pulls are in the 38-40psi range. The regular 35R could not spool up as fast or hold boost quite as well as the HTA. At first we were stunned by the difference. So stunned that we put the Garrett GT3582R back on the test car to see if the power dropped back to pre-HTA levels. It did, power dropped down to exactly the same level as before. The HTA went back on and BAM! the power and spool came right back. This story repeated itself on car after car during testing.

If you always wanted a 35R on your car, but just could not stand the thought of all that lag - then you have found the answer to your troubles. At 4800rpm the FP3582HTA delivers a 50ft-lb torque increase over the standard Garrett 35R.

Already have a Garrett GT3582R turbo? Wish it was an HTA? Vivid Racing can help! For a nominal $450 fee you may send us your complete Garrett GT3582R turbocharger and we will refit it with our 82mm HTA compressor wheel and advanced ported shroud cover and perform a CHRA balance after assembly to ensure PERFECT balance and max turbo RPM. Please call for more information

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